Training and Coaching in the Metaverse – is there any real benefit?

With so much hype about the metaverse and how customer experience will be transformed, and so many businesses like banks and brands joining, we wonder if there is an application for Training and Coaching… and, if there is any “real” benefit?

Currently, learning and development experts, trainers, coaches, and consultants market their services by creating and sharing relative content to their expertise. Basically, show what they can do and how they stand out from others, to try win business.

The problem is that there is so much content, that clients couldn’t possibly read, watch, or listen to even a fraction of that is relevant to them to solve the real root cause of their problems. So, one of the biggest issues in the Learning & Development industry is finding the right provider through the noise. Unfortunately, the best solutions are not always the best marketed solutions. If fact the best solutions are often not even the solution the client thinks they are.

So as Learning & Development professionals, trainers, coaches, and consultants. We not only need to stand out, not only draw in potential clients to really look at what we do and what problems we solve… but how we solve the problem in a better and relevant way that the client may not have even thought of.

So does the metaverse support this?

The truth is, Not All Metaverses are Created Equal. Currently there are close to a dozen so called “Event Metaverses”. Basically, they are a virtual event space where attendees use avatars to attend and then it’s just like a zoom call where you can choose your own breakout session in a virtual environment.

Yes, at the moment its novel but is there any real benefit? Is the learning better? Does it solve any actual problems? Well, not really, other that it gets new people to at least check it out.

Metaverses like Decentral land and Sandbox are for everyone, they have banks, hotels, and shoes all in the same space but ultimately, there doesn’t appear to be any benefit to learning or development? And discovery of these brands is difficult unless you have a specific address.

Yet, the power of metaverse technology is that it can use “STORY” to Discover, Learn, and even Implement skills and affect mindset. But to use this, we need to get back before the tech, and look at the “Human” psychology of influence, retention, and behavior modification. And how immersive stories and gamification are being used in the “real World” then, apply the tech to take the same strategies and understanding of human psychology to the NEXT LEVEL.

There are 3 main factors for a metaverse to succeed as a learning & development marketing and implementation platform:

  1. Metaverse must be specific to the Learning & Development industry niche
  2. The Metaverse must be able to engage users in a story to help them solve their problems
  3. The Metaverse must be fun and different each time a user visits with opportunities to discover new ways and ideas to solve problems

Ok, now we have a formula for the metaverse, but what is required to create this?

This responsibility falls to the experts. The trainers, coaches, and consultants who must be the owners, curators, and story tellers. There are 4 factors that will enable the manifestation of the successful metaverse platform:

  1. A collaborative expert community effort for marketing to curate a multi-faceted story related to solving client problems.
  2. Collective wisdom and innovations immediately discoverable and accessible to users.
  3. A way for users to get instant feedback or answers based on collective expert wisdom, on the problem they have and possible solution ideas.
  4. A way to involve users in the problem-solving stories in a fun way

Consolidating and organizing expert solutions and storing them in a usable format is nothing new. Google does this. But a “Search” is based on ONE search phrase, there is no clarification, no questions to understand the quarry, it is static and provides a static reply, not a potential solution.

Real experts would question, prob, and identify the Root Cause of the problem to solve. The 4 metaverse success factors above would require a platform that can compile the wisdom of its expert community and automate the clarification probing, then imagine possible solutions and the providers who can implement those solutions.

This would mean, that a metaverse platform alone, would not be enough to provide an advantage to trainers, coaches, and consultants. The platform needs to have an AI that can connect users/clients to collective wisdom based on what they really need, not just what they think they need.

People would argue that coaches, trainers, and consultants are in the “Knowledge” industry, but we are not… we are in the people problem solving industry, and a “metaverse must not just be an online platform to communicate in a novel way. It must add TANGIBLE VALUE that is not available through ANY other means.

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The Global Mentor Exchange is combining the wisdom of thought leaders, the gamification and story potential of a high definition realistic metaverse, the focus of the learning and development industry, and the POWER of a conversational AI that can harness this wisdom and ask questions related to the problem clients are trying to solve, then recommend collaborative options that will highlight specific providers.

This new AI assisted metaverse platform is specifically designed for trainers, coaches, and consultants to get noticed for their innovations in solving client problems.

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The jouney starts in the Library where users will get clarity on what are the possible solutions. A customized user experience and advertising in the metaverse is curated based on initial AI interaction. This supports Organizational and HR transformation by making it easy for companies to find NEW and more up to date Solutions from those providers to solve people and performance problems. Because the Metaverse is designed to Build Community, motivate, and enhance Real World IMPLEMENTATION with Immersive Learning and Discovery; learners, clients, and providers can thrive.

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Monetization for the metaverse will eventually be on a subscription base and include sale of offices and shops that can tell the story of each provider result. But because this is currently in development, the Global Mentor Exchange is offering Lifetime memberships to entice quality trainers, coaches and consultants to join and share their wisdom.

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Another upside to this type of metaverse is that trainers, coaches, and consultants will now have additional avenues to charge for, such as Training Tokenization which deliver exponential training ROI for clients.

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