The Role of AI in Learning & Development for Real World Implementation through the Wisdom Metaverse

There is a lot of talk about AI and how jobs will change and how to make better decisions and automate service… but ultimately, while AI can make data-based management decisions, it cannot lead humans! In fact, with all the tech talk, and augmentation of business processes through AI and technology, human performance still needs human interaction and human skill.

The key to success is not AI, but AI supported Learning & Development for real people in the real world to implement and get real results… and this starts with industry adoption!

HR, Trainers, Consultants, Coaches and the leaders who develop their people are the key to AI augmented people development… but it starts with humans, and it requires a seamless and engaging collaboration platform.

Let’s look at the current span of activity that ultimately leads to more qualified, engaged, innovative, and productive people in an organizations

  1.  HR or leader considers training, coaching or consulting related to the outcome they desire
  2. HR or leader looks for referrals or search engine to find the appropriate provider
  3. Proposals are submitted
  4. One provider is chosen
  5. Work is delivered
  6. HR or leader assesses the results.

Only One Problem… THIS DOESN’T WORK

According to an ATD study, less than 4% of soft skills training impacts the organization. Why? Because the usual process is flawed!

First, the process to find providers through referral is bias to what the referrer is aware of. They cannot compare their experience to potentially better results that they have never experienced so they use their own experience to refer based ONLY on what they know.

If using search engines, it is based on age, links, speed, geography, and key words. So older, larger providers get lots of business, so innovation is secondary since the search engines support the established programs or solutions.

Then there are articles and videos… this also depends on the timing and focus in a very noisy social media space that is largely dependent on the headline titles rather than innovative solution content.

Top this with the premise that the #HRprofessional or #Leader may only see the surface of the issue and ask for a solution that may not actually solve the root cause problem. Usually, experienced consultants or high-level trainers will be able to ask the right questions to get to the right solution, but not all providers are created equal.

Enter the AI

Imagine if seasoned #HR professionals, #Trainers#Coaches, and #Consultants created a Collaborative space where “Combined Expertise” in assessing the actual requirements to achieve fully implementable and sustainable results was a reality. And this expertise was integrated into an AI that could ask the right questions to support discovery of the latest innovations in the problem area required.

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Now imagine this AI in an L&D focused, #gamified #metaverse where the AI is a librarian and a wizard guide to help you discover (in a fun way) new innovations in solving specific problems in the real world, combined with Work Gamification and even providing #gamifiedlearning on and offline simulations to implement these solutions.

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This is not science fiction, the existing AI engine used in “Global Mentor Exchange” Wisdom City Metaverse and is a hyper conversational AI chatbot that can respond to any questions in a human like way, it was trained on large libraries of literary works such as Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg (to name a few), so it can understand any cultural expressions and answer queries better than most people but without prejudice or judgement. And the AI is currently being trained by experts and owners of the Global Mentor Exchange to be able to achieve best client organizational problem results.

The AI also supports discovering the Right Solution for a specific problem and will prompt users with gamified insentives and visual opportunities to discover more about the “Specific” problem. The Image below shows an introduction to John Mattone‘s (a Global Mentor Exchange member) New coaching book based on AI interaction in the Library.

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Now imagine if an organization could create gamified financial incentives for visible implementation of training or coaching, WITHOUT spending ANY extra money. How would that impact Training and Coaching ROI?

With #AI supported systems and clearly defined parameters of what implementation looks like at 3 distinct levels and measured through specific behaviors, Training Participants could be awarded web3 type tokens that are connected to percentages of Training, Bonus, and Time off budgets. This would enable money spent on L&D to yield more soft skill competency for the same budget… which would support organizational objectives connected to the skills.

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But the AI represents much more than the potential matches and results. It is the foundation of a new era of human/machine interaction. Because the AI Global Mentor Exchange is focused specifically on enterprise level Learning and Development solutions rather than, everything to everyone, it is smarter! And it solves problems by prompting questions related to the subject requested rather than expecting the user had completely thought out everything. This helps real people get more clarity around the problem they are trying to solve, and ultimately the solution… plus, gamification makes it fun and in an alternate metaverse, changes the entire dynamic.

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The next eveloluion of AI augmented Learning & Development is that it changes the provider landscape from a competition model, to a colaboration model. Because the Global Mentor Exchange is a member owned colaboration, everyone supports the platform and the AI identifies multiple providers who can support the result. This means that the best solution may be a colaborative solution rather than using only one provider. Which means more work and more learning for everyone with cross polinated processes and strategies.

And what about your favorite thought leaders? Each thought leader and their entire body of work could be replicated with an interactive AI that could reply as the original person would. Imagine Marshall Goldsmith as an avatar that could answer any questions related to his work and “think” like Marshall (at least enough to solve anything similar to documented problems he has solved in the past). It would even be able to help you #FeedForward .


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